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Hi everyone! I need help. I have an old server S5520UR with BIOS FW S5500.86B.01.00.0050

BMC Firmware Revision 0.53 

HSC  Firm Rev 2.11

ME Firm Rev 1.12

SDR  Rev 0.24



So question - how can i safely upgrade BIOS, BMC and SDR/FRU to the latest stable firmware?

Need i update once from 50 to 61 firmware, then to 66, then to 69 (latest)?


Where i can find all files of firmware beetween versions? Intel FTP?

Have anyone archive with firmwares to this model?

What you recomend firmware for stable work (number)?


Thanks a lot. 


p.s. on this board i have SROMBSASMP2 RAID controller FW 1.20.62-0545 - where i can find firmware for this?

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Hello -Alex-,

Thank you for joining the community

Due to this product being discontinued, Intel Customer Service no longer supports inquiries for it, but perhaps fellow community members have the knowledge to jump in and help. You may also find the Discontinued Products website helpful to address your request. Thank you for understanding.

The available support website for legacy systems is found here:


Jose A.

Intel Customer Support Technician

For firmware updates and troubleshooting tips, visit:


Hi, thank you very much. I was there (at this page).

Can you give me link to download old firmwares to this server? on the page of server products only 66 and 69 BIOS firmware. I want to try to upgrade 50 BIOS to 61, but can't find those firmware?

Can you upload/reupload them to this S5520UR page?

I need this server and don't want to brick his. Can you say what firmware can be safely back to older? As i know - only 61 firmware have recovery files to this product. How can i update from 50 to 61? (i cant find BIOS61.nsh file in recovery archive).

What you can recomend?


And can i upgrade RAID SROMBSASMP2 to new firmware?


Thanks a lot.


Sorry for my annoynig stupid questions. I have same problem with Supermicro servers but support give me last firmware and all goes fine. I want that Intel new firmwares don't brick my server.

How can i upgrade S5520UR from 50 to 61 (or if you can't give me old files - how to safely upgrade 50 to 69 firmware?)

Thanks a lot.


Please give to all of us a link to FTP with old firmwares to old servers like S5520UR (i need for S5520UR)


i found

but can't understand what kind of directory i need to open for S5520UR server firmware.


p.s. i have succesfully update BIOS to 66 revision, but BMC and others are not updated. Dear JoseH_intel or somebody, can you give me a link to download firmware to BMC, FRU/SDR and SROMBSASMP2?


Thanks a lot, i hope - somebody experienced who solved this can help me.

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@-Alex- Please do yourself a favor and NOT use 3rd party driver sites. You never know what information from your machine they are uploading (and to what country it is going), and you never know what payload is in the packages they are downloading.

Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]


Lol, that's all of 3rd parted sites try to move to ftp Intel with old firmwares and just double this links with downloaded archives. (broken FTP links, true link i found on Google)


Do you know how it just pain in ass, to find that you need that work properly with your hardware? All of them link to Intel. But FTP have strange structure of directories by numbers, to find your model of compatible server.

I have couple of old Supermicro servers with discontinued versions. And support just say to me - Don't worry Alex, you don't brick your server, just take it and just flash it. If you need single drives - just re-flash your controller to IT. They give me a link. And i many time stay not flash. How I shook and feared when I flashed the server and controller. I tried to look for firmware on the Internet, and the most interesting thing is that the support team gave me links to their native FTP, where I found all the necessary firmware for the hardware.
The worst thing is that googling didn't give me any links to their FTP. But I found Intel FTP through Google.


I successfully fw all i want (exept BMC, but readme say it complify with S5520UR).


If you can't find, you just stay use all what you can find. Just need to deep reading and understanding what you try to flash.


For now - i have problem to destroy RAID in SROMBSASMP2 to JBOD (IT-mode). I don't need RAID on it. But 6 sense tells me that this controller cannot change mode to work with single drives as drives.

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This is not a "LOL" matter.  Do want you want, and take the risks that you want.


Doc (not an Intel employee or contractor)
[Maybe Windows 12 will be better]