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VMWARE on DG45FC m/b W/E8500 Core2 duo


I need a community source (blog/bulletin board/support site) that may have high level O/S install knowledge regarding the latest vmware version 3.

I have created the CD/DVD install disk which loads up the startup RAMDISK first step menu but when I select either GUI or command-line install

choice I am getting a "kernel panic" FATAL ERROR message.

and PLEASE !!!! NO responces like "unsupported hardware"........This is a recent vintage (8 months old) Intel DG45FC m/b with 4 Gigs Ram

with E8500 Core2 duo 3.16 GHz cpu. It is currently running Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Standard Host o/s with Windows Hypervisor and

a Guest 2008 Server Standard 0/s running SQL server and Exchange Server. This Virtualization platform performs just fine.

PLEASE also realize that this is STRICTLY for a small study lab training aid ONLY and is NOT expected to perform in a real production environment....

This Hardware has support for the critical virtualization requirements such as m/b hardware VT, and the cpu has some other required suport

which i forget at the moment.

Any comments, ideas, thoughts are sincerely appreciated as i firmly believe there are NO technical issues that should be preventing

the installlation of the VMWARE virtual solution on this hardware.

Please feel free to forward this plea for information to other sites.



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The DG series are desktop boards. Have you tried posting to the Desktop community, instead?

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