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Wake on LAN with Snowhill boards?


Hey forum!

Several schools in my city will be equipt with new servers this summer holidays and in the moment we are evaluating the correct server hardware for the project. We want to use Snowhill boards with x3330 cpus and 4GB RAM to operate under Windows 2003 Server (we have a special school environment which is based on it) and nearly everything works fine. Only one thing is still not working and i don´t know why: Because we don´t want to drive to a server in the case of a power failure initiated shutdown (we will use APC Smart UPS) we need a solution to power up the system remotely using wake-on-lan.

As i read in the manual, the boards should be able to wake up if the onboard nic rom is enabled. We are using the SC5299UP and DP chasis so i think we don´t have a problem from the power supplies, but i don´t know we it doesn´t want to work. With the old servers using an Asus board (PSCH-L with Intel Pro/1000 on board NIC) WOL worked fine so we know that we have no problem in our network or router environment.

Has anybody WOL working with the Snowhill boards? Can anybody give me a tip how to fix the issue?

Best regards from rainy Germany


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You are correct, it should be working fine. What are you using to generate the magic packet?

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