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What to do with an old blade server?


OK, So I have a client with a SBCE blade server populated with SBXD62 and SBXD132 blades. Obviously, new development, drivers, and upgrades are not going to be available for this product. Is there anything I can do to avoid the clients ire? I know that it was co-developed with IBM and (not too strangely) has IBM identifiers on all the PCBs. I also know that Intel (when they still had links to the support pages) said "Thou Shalt Not Re-flash With Any Other Manufacturers Firmware" under pain of, well, pain. In reality, if the SBXD132 is functionally the same as a HS21 and my choice is throwing away perfectly good servers, is there anything I can do to convert to IBM code to get a little more life out of the products? Please bear in mind that as a long time Intel reseller, this is just one on a number of times that I've been burned by specing Intel top end products only to have the rug pulled out from under me. I know what the official Intel line is, but can anyone help me with this quandary? Thanks, Mike Morgan

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I've heard tales of moving to IBM firmware, but it had to be everything - chassis, CMM, modules, all blades, etc. Mixing and matching leads to badness.

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