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i5-680 / sudden resets under W2008R2/Hyper-V



I have a running system with GA-H55-USB3 Mainboard and a i7-870 CPU.

The system is running W2008R2 with Hyper-V-Role enabled.

Due to l,ack of expansion slots, the existing ATI graphic card was removed, the dirvers uninstalled and the CPU changed to a i5-680.

The system works with integrated graphics, starts up now shows the grapbhic card as "Standard VGA-card"

Drivers for W2008 seem not to be available, Win7-drivers did not install

This is not the real problem, as the server does not really need high-performance graphic.

The main problem is now, that the system suddenly resets about every 2 hours or so, whic is as desaster.

SOmewhere else I found a posting that there is an issue with i5 CPus, integrated graphic and Hyper-V on W2008R2 - but this sohould be fixed with SP1. Of course my system has all available fixes installed.

What can I do ? In the meantime, I had to re-install the older i7 CPU

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I would first suggest making sure that your motherboard supports Microsoft* Windows* 2008 operating system, if the motherboard does not support it you will have unexpected behaviors.

According to the following website, it seems the motherboard does not support it: dl dl

If the motherboard does not support it, then Hyper-V is not supported either since this is an operating system feature.

If you need to use a server operating system, I strongly suggest using a server motherboard, and not a desktop motherboard.

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