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m10jnp2sb Server board with a Xeon E-2278G


I have a Intel m10jnp2sb Server board with a Xeon E-2278G / 3.4 GHz processor.   

I have an ATX Case -  Fractal Design Node 804 No Power Supply MicroATX Cube Case FD-CA-NODE-804-BL, Black 

with a Power Supply - Seasonic FOCUS PX-850, 850W 80+ Platinum Full-Modular, Fan Control in Fanless, Silent, and Cooling M...

I have 64GB of the required DIMM outline for this board. - This link shows I need the        Sea Sonic FOCUS PLUS* 1000 Gold SSR-1000FX 1000W

I have everything connected properly.   The problem I am seeing is the server turns on, but it makes a few clicking sounds without drives hooked up, and flashes / blinks constant Green Lights on the board and one of the PCI-e 3.0 x8 card I have in one of the PCI slots. 

Can someone please assist me if this is a Power Supply problem, bad CPU or a bad motherboard?   

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