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rhetorical question What alternative pc case does the intel server SE7320SP2 fit into?


Hey im posting this question to help anyone else out there who has purchased an old intel server board from the previous generation using the dual socket xeon 604. I can confirm that the intel Server Board SE7320SP2 fits perfectly into a dell precision 490 case. I would suspect all other motherboards with the same layout would also fit right in without having to drill your own mounts for your cpus. The cpu mounts are perfect for this server motherboard in this case. So you don't have to find an over priced chassis SC5300 or one like it, Or buy a gaming pc atx for this old hardware. Just buy a dell precision workstation 490. Very little modification to work perfectly with this server board and all others with the same motherboard layout. The dell precision 690 as well has the same cpu mounts but you will have a problem with cable length from the power supply and start button for the server board because the dell precision 690 is very tall. I suggest a Newton Power Power supply, witch copied the dell workstation power supply but in a standard atx version for the dell Alienware gaming pcs. Its the exact same power supply the workstation uses normally but not using dells pinout , It uses the standard atx pinout so you can run it with your motherboard that isn't suppost to be in the case. Thanks I hope this helps someone who purchases one of these old servers out.

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Hello Kevin, Thank you for contacting Intel Technical Support. We appreciate the information given. Regards, Jeremiah A. Intel Technical Support
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