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s2600cp BMC Firmware Failure reported, fans at 100%


I have Intel s2600cp board installed in Chenbro RM13704 chassis. My fans are running at 100% all the time, and that's very annoying. I've tried a lot of different things to battle that, but doesn't seem to help much. The fact that I bought this server used doesn't help either...

I checked Chenbro website for chassis-specific FRU and SDR files, but did not find any. So I downloaded latest firmware package from Flashed all pieces. While flashing BMC firmware, fans slowed down for a second, then spun up again. When uploading new SDR, they slowed down for a few more seconds, and then spun up. When booting up, fans start slow, but after about 5 seconds spin up at 100%. In the logs, I see this event:

120205/14/2016-16:54:31Management Subsystem Health,BMC FW Health (# 0x10)Warning event: BMC FW Health reports the sensor has failed and may not be providing a valid reading.Integrated BMC - LUN# 0 (Channel# 0)

I'm assuming that it's the reason it is defaulting to fail-safe 100% power mode. But reflashing BMC firmware does not help with that.

I've ran syscfg tool to get debug logs, but I can't open them, because of the password (attaching them anyways). Also attaching log files from sysinfo tool.

Any suggestions as to what I can try next to calm those turbines down?

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Community Manager

Hello Sergey,



Thank you for contacting Intel Customer Support.



Bases in all the information you shared, I noticed you flashed the last versions for the S2600CP. At his point, you are in the right path, BMC is generating invalid readings.



I would like to recommend to flash again but now using Intel Server Board S2600CP Firmware Package for EFI.



Here the update instructions:



- Unzip the contents of the update package and copy all files to a folder on a USB flash drive


- Insert the USB flash drive to any available USB port on the server system to be updated


- Boot the Server to the EFI shell. This can be accessed via the BIOS setup utility during POST.


- Run the command "map -r" in the EFI shell to mount the USB flash drive


- Run the command "fs0:" to change folders to the USB flash drive. The USB flash drive


may also mount to fs1: depending on other installed devices. The number of "fs# " is


dependent on the result of command "map -r"


- Change folders to the folder storing the update package files


- Run the command "Startup.nsh" to start updating all the firmware and BIOS updates



Waiting to hear your results.



faugub_intel # iwork4intel

Ok, did all that. See attached for log and debug files. Still seeing BMC FW Health failure reported, and fans are spinning at 100% after initial initialization phase. New event in the logs now:

05/17/2016-18:39:43 OEM Reserved, SPS FW Health (# 0x17) CRITICAL event: SPS FW Health reports SPS Health event type FW status. Manufacturing error. Wrong manufacturing configuration detected by ME Firmware. The Flash device must be replaced if the error is persistent. Status Code is 0. Management Engine - LUN# 0 (Channel# 1)

But same BMC FW Health event is also logged as it used do.

I also got a warning when updating the FRU file, saying headers don't match. Same as with previous reflash through WinPE.

Please advise. Thanks!

Community Manager

Hello Sergey,



Thank you for all the information.


In this particular case, for further assistance on your inquiry please contact our support directly: @14 Intel Server Support




faugub_intel # iwork4intel