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s2600cp blinking cursor after intel splash


Hello I just put together an eBay server with an Intel s2600cp Mobo with 2 Xeon e5-2680v2 and 64gb of memory. I purchased 9210-8l lsi raid card with the plan to attach 2 ssds in raid 1. After updating the bios to one from March 2017 I went to configure my raid in lsi raid card. Unfortunately after the server posts and I see the intel splash screen, it moves to a black screen with a a blinking curser and I can't get the prompt to hit the key sequence to configure the raid card. I can get it to boot off USB drives from entering the BIOS and telling it to boot off a USB drive. Any thoughts?

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Based on the hardware description, one of the first things we will suggest you is to check the hardware compatibility, the firmware package version. After this, you can try to test the server board with 1 CPU, and one memory DIMM (A1), no PCI cards, and reboot the server in a minimal configuration

Then add another CPU and another memory DIMM (E1), no PCI cards. If the server boots ok, you can try to add the RAID card, boot the server and check the results.

If the issue persists, you can try to reach out the vendor and get warranty or refund depending on their policies. Please keep in mind that Intel does not provide warranty to any products purchased from some third-party vendors (New Egg, Ebay, and others)


figured it out, I needed to disable quiet boot to see all of the boot text.