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Add Bluetooth communication


I have the following queries:

1. How do I edit the layout of an imported project(developed in Framework 7). I don't see the layout edit option that exists normally when I try to create a new project in Framework7.

2. I'm new to this IDE. I want to add Bluetooth communication as I want to send and receive some data through Bluetooth(Mobile platforms). May I know the procedure and plugins requirement for this? I'm sorry if my query is silly. But please help me in learning to use this IDE

I'm using the IDE on Windows 7 OS and I want to build a cross platform app

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The app designer tool within Intel XDK can not edit or modify project created manually or with other tools. 

If you would like to use Bluetooth communication in application, you will need to use Cordova plugins that focus on bluetooth. You can find a list of related plugins at You can easily add a plugin to your project via Projects > Cordova Hybrid Mobile App Settings >  Plugin Management > Add Plugins to Project > Third Party plugins. You can add the required information about the plugins in the necessary fields. 

Note: You can only test your use of the Bluetooth plugin via the Build Tab or Debug tab. 

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