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Android gesture recognition using Intel XDk


I am trying to create an Android app with gesture recognition. I want the app to recognize basic gestures through the device front camera,such as scrolling through a webpage.

I found a JavaScript library on GitHub, but I can't make it run on Intel XDk. This is the link:

Can anyone help me with a Cordova plugin for detecting these camera gestures, or any other solution that can work on Intel XDK?

                                                                               Any help is very precious, and I will be very grateful if somebody can help me.

                                                                                                                                Alex Hang 


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Alex -- I would expand the scope of your search to see if you can find "cordova phonegap gesture recognition plugin" (or something like that). The XDK creates a standard Cordova app, so if you can find a Cordova plugin that does what you want (or comes close) you should be able to get to a solution. However, I would keep in mind that the standard front-facing cameras on most device are two-dimensional and have been optimized for low resolution and constant focus video chats, so the level of detail you will get from them is not very high. Most gesture detection solutions use multiple lenses to get three-dimensional information, specifically depth/distance information.

New Contributor II

Thank you very much for the reply Paul.

I want to tell something for all the Developers here, that have the same problem as me: I found a Cordova plugin ( they say it's designed for Intel XDK and PhoneGap) that does something close to gesture recognition and Augmented Reality, it's called WikiTude. I give you a link here, if someone wants to try it:

But I can tell you all that it has 2 downsides:

1) It occupies a lot of memory ( about 60 MB )

2) It only has a trial version of 30 days, after which it costs about 2500 euros/year.

For now ( I am 17 years old ) I am not developing apps to make profit ( I develop only for international school contests or for volunteer projects), so this plugin is not good for me, but if anyone is developing apps to make profit I hope this post can help you.

                                                                                                                                 Once again, thank you Paul

                                                                                                                                                            Alex Hang