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Android on IA document download instruction

For those who will use Android on Up2 board, please follow the instruction to download the relevant documents.


  1. The documents are totally 16GB. Please make sure that you have enough space for them.
  2. If your system is Windows, please make sure your disk file system is NFTF.
  3. Please don’t use Internet Explorer to download these documents.


Document1 [androidia_64.img]

About 765M, link :


Document2 [0402_gold_image_aia.tar.bz2]

Since the file with 14GB in size is too large and may incur possible failures during download, we have divided it into four pieces. So you will need to download individually and assemble the four pieces into one file after they are downloaded. When downloaded, please use Winzip to uncompress these four files and a file with the full name 0402_gold_image_aia.tar.bz2.bak will be there. Please rename the file and remove the final file extension .bak.




Please ensure download files MD5 are same with below:

androidia_64.img:  429b5febc3c15b5df224d076490be9e6

0402_gold_image_aia.tar.bz2:  cfb3e8cc3effc0a34d748dffbdd76ee6


Method to check MD5:

Under Windows command prompt, enter the following command:

certutil -hashfile filename MD5

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