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Automated Debug?

Remember how things used to be easier?
A few years ago I used a Fortran (text based) debugger which allowed "automated debugging":
You created a file containing a list of simple debug commands including breakpoints and watches. This file could then be run at anytime (even generating handy reports). I had a library of such debug "macros" for our main routines.

Visual Fortran doesn't appear to have such a straight-forward facility! I've tried several times to get macros (& scripts) to do the same job, but they soon get too complicated.

Can anyone help?
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Standard CVF 6.5 has a help entry under Platform SDK | Platform SDK Tools | Debugging | Symbolic Debuggers | Using Symbolic Debuggers | Symbolic Debuggers Reference | Command Reference that might help you. For the professional version, set your default help collection to the MSDN Library with Tools | Options | Help System. Then look in help under Visual Studio 6.0 Documentation | Using Visual C++ | Visual C++ Programmer's Guide | Debugging | Debugging Techniques, Problems, and Solutions.

Mike Durisin
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