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Bad Hardware? Xeon Phi 7120P on rampage V extreme with blinking blue status light

After installing the Co processor into my system, i have used both windows 10 professional 64 bit and ubuntu 16.04lts 64 bit to find out that the system doesn't show the coprocessor in device manager or lspci(one time it had showed up in linux, but never was able to repeat this). That said, the blue light on the back of the 7120 shows a blinking blue light at 8hz(as shown in the documentation to mean executing code). Would the blue light be blinking if it isn't working? Since I purchased this hardware used, could the previous user's code be running on the phi that disabled the PCI communication? If I disable above 4G decoding, my system does not pass post, it's only when i enable it that I get past post, so it must be doing some sort of communication with working hardware, correct?

I purchased a Xeon Phi 7120P used, and so i would not count out bad hardware, however, i put it in a watercooling loop using the water block at:

The testing system setup is as follows:

Intel i7 5820k(in final system this will be a xeon e5-2696 v4)
64GB of ddr4-2400
Asus Rampage V extreme(with above 4g deccoding, and verified working via other posts)
xeon phi 7120p(with waterblock connected to 360mm rad) in the x16_1 slot(only slot that is true 16x on this 28 lane CPU)
Amd r9 290x in the x16_3 slot
EVGA 1200W 80+ platinum PSU

I have been troubleshooting this for a few days, some things that I have tried:

  • Changing PCI slots(have tried 3 different slots so far)
  • changing PCI power connectors(tried all 6 that come with the PSU)
  • switching the known working 300W graphics card with the xeon phi power connectors and PCI slots
  • removed the mounting bracket on the card so that it would fit directly into the PCI slot(taking care to not bump the workstation)
  • tried both windows and ubuntu. The Bios also does not recognize a card in pci slot 1
  • verified the water cooling loop integrity by cooling the CPU
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