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Build fails with plugin installation (no link to logs)



I am developing a plugin for a client who uses Intel XDK. The plugin builds with Cordova without any problems, but when I try to build a sample app with the plugin through Intel XDK, it fails with the following:

Build Log
Building a Cordova 6.2.0 application.
Using platform cordova-ios 4.1.1.
The application name is "<redacted> PRO"
The package name is "<redacted>"
Error: Could not retrieve plugin "<redacted>".
Error: Could not fetch plugin "<redacted>".
Plugin "cordova-plugin-statusbar" (2.1.3) installed.
Plugin "cordova-plugin-device" (1.1.2) installed.
Plugin "cordova-plugin-splashscreen" (3.2.2) installed.
Plugin "cordova-plugin-network-information" (1.2.1) installed.
Plugin "cordova-plugin-app-version" (0.1.8) installed.
Plugin "com-intel-security" (2.0.0) installed.

Other information:

  • I am installing the plugin from a local directory
  • Previously while developing the plugin, it offered me a link to view additional logs, hosted on S3, when the build failed
  • I am not seeing the link anymore

Is there a known URL where I can get the logs? Without more context, it is not possible for me to tell what the actual error is.


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Mark -- if you do not see a link to a detailed log there is no detailed log. It means that something in the pre-processing of the project failed, before kicking off CLI. The build system assembles a Cordova project tempalte, performs a platform add, copies sources into that template and a few other things before it actually starts the real build. So something in that pre-processing failed (which, unfortunately, is hard to debug).

What process are you using to add the plugin locally? I suspect that is the problem. Are you using the plugin manager in the XDK, via the Projects tab? There is an "add local plugin" option. It will copy your plugin into the project's plugin folder, do not copy it there yourself. If you are using gradle scripts as part of your plugin that will also cause problems, but that should be clearly indicated in the summary log. The error you're showing makes be believe you are not using the plugin manager to add this plugin, but, instead, using the additions file.

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