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Cannot start XDK after clean install on Linux Mint

I have been using the XDK on linux Mint from July 2015 without a problem.

My current version of Mint is 18.1 which is based on Ubuntu 16.04.

After upgrading the XDK today it failed to open.

I deleted the intel folder in my home directory, deleted the XDK and XDK-Wrapper directories.

I then did clean install of the 64bit XDK.

When I start the xdk I see a white rectangular block, the process manager shows multiple 'nw' processes but it never opens the ide.

Running from a terminal shows:

[3319:3319:0315/] Bad NaCl helper startup ack (0 bytes)
[3317:3335:0315/] Failed to open NaCl IRT file "/home/myhome/intel/XDK/bin/nacl_irt_x86_64.nexe": -4
[3349:3349:0315/] Exiting GPU process due to errors during initialization
[3317:3335:0315/] Failed to launch GPU process.
[3317:3335:0315/] Failed to launch GPU process.

Can you give me any clues on how to get the ide working?


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Unfortunately, we do not test on Mint, only on Ubuntu, so it is hard to say what might be going wrong. However, based on the messages you are seeing, I'm wondering if there is an incompatibility with the updated node-webkit, which is the HTML5 engine that underlays the XDK, and your graphic hardware and/or software. With this release there was a significant upgrade to the underlying node-webkit engine, which dictates the graphics requirements, among other platform requirements. I am not aware of a way to perform a node-webkit compatibility test to test this theory.

If you're machine has enough disk and RAM, you might try creating an Ubuntu VM and running the XDK inside of that VM.


Thanks Paul

I created an ubuntu virtual machine, installed the XDK and it ran fine.  I then took the intel directory and the .config folders from the ubuntu vm and copied them onto the Linux mint host machine (after renaming the original folders) and now it works.

This indicates that it is neither a graphics nor a node-webkit issue.

I did a comparison of the intel/XDK directory and they were identical.

A comparison of the .config directories came up with a lot of differences but as most of the files are binary, it is difficult to see what could have caused the problem.