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Cant install *.apk on Android 5.02 - build with XDK/Crosswork HTML5


I know this topic might be related to my phone, but I have no idea where else to start and just hope that someone can point me in the right direction. 

I am Working with a Z1Compact Android 5.02
Since the last update I can’t install any APK`s created with the intel XDK`s Crosswork feature (HTML5). When I try to to install the apk it just sais  “unfortunately the package installer has stopped” with no further information’s. Is there a place where I can get more information’s why the installer hast stopped?
I can still install normally from the play store. Also with my Samsung Galaxy S2 the installation of the apk`s work just fine…

I`ve also tried to install old apk`s (which worked fine before) but they also don’t work anymore. 

Does anyone has any idea where to go/where to start with this problem? 

Kind regards 

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Are you installing the ARM version of the APK onto your phone? Is the "allow installation of non-market apps" option enabled in your Android settings? Can you install the APK using adb, rather than emailing it to yourself? Is your download directory full? Is your main storage space in the phone full?

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I would email the built app to your phone (when the build is finished, use the email feature on the build page) rather than copying over USB, much faster.

Is it possible the install tool on Android is getting in the way? There is a fancy install checker tool that gets installed now on some Android devices, courtesy of Google, that scans APKs before they are installed and can prevent installations. I don't know what it scans for, I don't use it, but its purpose is to avoid problem apps.

Are you able to use the Debug tab with that device? If so, it means adb is installed and working on your system with that device. I'm not sure what OS is on your machine, so use the following to find adb on a Mac or Linux machine:

$ cd /
$ sudo find . -name adb

and this to find adb on a Windows machine:

> cd \
> dir /s adb.exe

Once you've found it, run it from a command-line shell to install your APK onto your device when it is attached via USB (remember, if you can debug using the Debug tab this will work, if you cannot, you need to get the Debug tab working first):

> adb install the-name-of-my.apk

If that doesn't work, let me know...

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Hi !

I don't understand: "i switched the filemanager from which i started the installation,".

I don't find this option.


Thank you

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