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Change the Live Preview Browser

Hi all, I recently downloaded IntelXDK and while using Live Preview, I set Microsoft Edge as the default browser. Later, got to know that live changes facility is available only in Chrome. Please guide me, how to change the Live Preview browser from Microsoft Edge to Google Chrome. Re-install didn't work either. Thank You







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I believe the Live Preview in the XDK is hard-coded to open in your "default" browser; so you'd have to change your system's default browser to Chrome to make it work. There are some troubleshooting tips here > < and here > <

As an alternative, you can just download and install the Brackets editor (which is what you're using in the XDK) onto your system and use it directly. You can safely open your project files in Brackets as well as the XDK at the same time; the two will monitor file changes and attempt to maintain a similar file state.

EDIT: there is a brackets.json property you can define which might address this, but I'm not sure since I haven't tried it with the XDK. You can read more about it here > < under the section titled "Other browsers." I see that is being used inside the brackets.json file that belongs to my standalone Brackets editor, but it is not inside the brackets.json that belongs to the XDK Brackets editor (you should find that file in the same location as the global-settings.xdk file).


Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply.

I have Brackets downloaded in my system which has the option File -> Enable Experimental Live Preview. ​On disabling this option, the Live Preview opens in the Google Chrome. As IntelXDK uses Brackets internally, thought this option will be there also, but unfortunately that option is not there. So wanted to know  any other option for switching Live Preview Browsers. I will use Brackets directly for all the assignment in future.