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Construct 2 projects can't be simulated or be built properly


I've had this issue for a long time now and Its preventing me from finishing my projects.Everytime I try to simulate a project I get nothing but a black screen,same goes with the built apk and this happens for any project I try to build.I've got the latest version of Intelxdk and this happened with the previous version as well.I've tried reinstalling but no luck,I made a thread some weeks ago about the same subject but I decided that I was just gonna wait for the next update and pray that It will be fixed.

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Cee -- we have many people successfully testing and building Construct2 apps with the current version of the XDK, as well as previous versions. This sounds like something in your game that is causing this problem. I recommend that you build the app and use remote CDT to inspect the JavaScript console to see if there is something preventing your app from running. See this doc page for help > < and this page for remote CDT help > <

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