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Coordinate Mapping in Universal


We're thinking about porting our app to UWP. The main things we need to be able to do are stream camera images and map between colour and depth/camera coordinates. The former seems ok, but is the latter currently possible? The docs aren't very helpful as it only says "Use the Windows.Devices.Perception.PerceptionDepthCorrelatedCoordinateMapper interface to map the coordinates between color and depth streams."

I tried playing around with that class, but there don't seem to be any public methods I can call to do anything. Has anyone tried this with any success? I can't find any examples online.

Also, for Intel people: I realise that the RealSense UWP dlls are very early for now. Is there a list of common modules and methods and if/when they will be implemented? For example, the CreateImage methods in PXCMProjection, or the 3DScan module. We currently use these, but as far as I can see they're not implemented yet. Are you intending to implement these or an equivalent in the near future?


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