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Creating Windows DLLs containing MIC offload code on VS2012


Hello Everyone,

I am trying to build a Windows DLL that contains code that does offload to MIC. I managed to compile the DLL, but it failed (and I see that in my output directory a file called <dll-name>MIC.out has not been created). 

   Tools:  windows sever 2012R2 , visual studio 2012, Intel Parallel Studio 2015 .

    I create two projects: one is a DLL project inculding a function ,another is a main function which call the DLL.

    DLL project: (demodll)

 Export.h :         extern "C" __declspec(dllexport) double decode_process(int n);


__declspec(dllexport) double decode_process(int n)
    double sum = 0.0;
#pragma offload target(mic) inout(sum)
        for (int i = 0; i < n;i++)
        for (int j = 0; j < n; j++)
            sum += i*j;
    return sum;


Main function (Demo):

#include "../demodll/Export.h"

#pragma comment(lib,"demodll.lib")
using namespace std;
int main()


    return 0;

   When I Compile the demodll ,   errors occured.:

   5  error #10340:problem encountered when performing target compliation

   3 error #1292: *MIC* unknown attribute "dllexport"                      Export.cpp

    It means the Intel C++ compiler cannot  recognize the "dllexport"  on MIC , but if I comment out the words : #pragma offload target(mic) inout(sum), it succded

and the whole solution works correctly, which means the Intel compiler can recognize the "dllexport"  on CPU

    Can anyone please advice me on what I can do that the Intel  compiler recognize the "dllexport"  on MIC ?

Thank you.

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I am basically having the same kind of problems, trying to build a DLL with offload code in VS2013.

It looks to me that the problem is that since MIC is linux-based, it does not recognize Windows specific stuff (dllexport, or in my case, it does not open source file "windows.h")

All I have found this notice

Saying that using older versions of Intel compiler , you need to handle .DLL and .so libraries separately.

Is there any tutorial or walkthrough to create a DLL using offload code? Or how to use .dll and .so libraries separately?



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