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Crosswalk Android and Android build publish issue


Good day to all, apologies for my terrible English.

I have my app in beta with 3 different app versions, 2 APK (Crosswalk for Android) and the other Android.

  • app version12 (armv). min-api-level 14. (22mb)
  • app version 14 (x86). min-api-level 14. (25mb)
  • app version 28 (normal build). min-api-level 19. (1.08mb)

At the beginning I had just one APK, normal build min-api-level 14, but after implement multiple workarounds, still having compatibility issues with api 14-18, works fine with 19+, so i make 3 new versions, 2 Crosswalks with min-api-level 14, to ensure compatibility 14-18  (a huge space price) and other version for min-api-level 19+ no compatibility issues, but this is my issue, when i upload my new set of APK Google Play show me a warning:

  • Some devices with Native platforms containing any of [x86] are eligible to receive version 14, which is better optimized for the device's Native Platform, but actually receive version 28 because it has a higher version code and the device supports (Any Android device) either directly (e.g. ARMv7 devices support a superset of ARMv5TE instructions) or indirectly (e.g. some x86 devices support ARMv7 or ARMv5TE via native code translation). This would occur when
    API levels in range 19+ and
    Release track containing any of [BETA] and
    Screen layouts containing any of [small, normal, large, xlarge] and
    OpenGL ES versions in range 2.0+ and
    Features containing all of [android.hardware.LOCATION, android.hardware.location.GPS, android.hardware.location.NETWORK, android.hardware.MICROPHONE, android.hardware.screen.PORTRAIT, android.hardware.TOUCHSCREEN, android.hardware.WIFI].
  • Some devices are eligible to run multiple APKs. In such a scenario, the device will receive the APK with the higher version code.

This is great, if any x86 architecture have less api 19 receives crosswalk version, if not, receive a normal version, but what happened with armv7 architecture?, always receives native version crosswalk and never can receive normal build for api level 19+. there is a way to fix this? just like x86.

Another thing, Crosswalk x86 min-api-level 14, total devices: 220, Crosswalk armv min-api-level 14, total devices: 8856 .

Thanks for your time. 

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What I am reading from the info provided by Google sounds like what you want. Have you tested your submissions to confirm or deny proper distribution of your app? In other words, have you tried to see if you are getting the correct version on your test devices.

BTW -- I would make the Crosswalk builds apply to API 14-19, not 14-18, because the Android 4.4 webviews, which are Chromium based, still have many limitations that Crosswalk does not have. Android 5+ webviews do not have those limitations.

p.s. See this article for additional details regarding how the version codes are set by the XDK build system >

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