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DF_3DScan.cs project cannot capture obj in "Full" scanning area when compiled in 32 bit, how to solve?

The DF_3DScan.cs project can capture obj files correctly with "Full" scanning area mode always when compiled it in 64 bit platform. But if siwtch to 32 bit platform, the generated binary can work correctly for all other function except that it cannot caputure the obj with "Full" scanning area setting.

Reproduce procedure:

1. Compile the DF_3DScan.cs project in 32 bit platform. 

2.  Run the generated executive (Make sure a R200 camera is installed to the system before run the executive).

3. Select "Full" from the scanning area droplist. 

4. Press "Start camera" button. Then press "Start scanning" -> "End scanning". 

5 Problem: If it is in 64 bit compiler setting, obj model can be captured. But if it is in 32 bit compiler setting, the obj model cannot be captured and the statu returned from sense manager.AcquireFrame() is "PXCM_STATUS_ITEM_UNAVAILABLE". 

 To my understanding, this root cause of the problem should be in Intel Realsense SDK. The SDK i installed is "intel_rs_sdk_offline_package_r5_7.0.23.8048.exe". Could anyone from Intel take a look at this issue and have a solution to it?  I urgently need the 32 bit SDK running correctly in "Full" scanning area setting for a case due to other 32 bit libraries support. Thanks. 





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