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Debug SQLite and DBcopy app

Hi all:

I'm developing an application that includes a prepopulated SQLite app. I use cordova-sqlite-storage plugin included in IntelXDK (v1.2.2) and dbcopy third party plugin to copy my database from www directory to default location.

When I build my application and install it in my device all works fine and I can access data from the database. However when I try to debug it in my device (using USB connection) the application can't access database because dbcopy can't copy it from www directory to default location. The error is that the database doen't exists in www directory.

Debuging the pluging code I can see that really the www directory doesn't contain the database. Intel XDK documentation talk about debug modules and I think the problem is that the application contents (including database file) can't access in debug mode. Then, how can access my application files and copy db file to default location? Is there any way to create a custom debug module to include my database in it?

Thaks in advance,

Miguel Ángel



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Closing this thread in favor of this more active one > <

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