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Different Coordinate System

How would I go about setting a coordinate system for the SDK samples other than the existing rear, front, and open CV coordinate systems.

I understand that I need to configure the coordinate system before the SDK algorithm is initialised in the PCXSenseManager, however I want to set a coordinate system where the x and y axis are swapped in the front default coordinate system. 

I have the primary objective of using the scene perception module but want to use the camera in an 'upright' position and therefore want the camera feeds and mesh generation to be rotated to match the different physical camera orientation.

in the PCX session i have found the code below, but want to set my own custom options.

 enum CoordinateSystem {
        COORDINATE_SYSTEM_REAR_DEFAULT      = 0x100,    /* Right-hand system: X right, Y up, Z to the user */
        COORDINATE_SYSTEM_REAR_OPENCV       = 0x200,    /* Right-hand system: X right, Y down, Z to the world */
        COORDINATE_SYSTEM_FRONT_DEFAULT     = 0x001,    /* Left-hand system: X left, Y up, Z to the user */

I hope this explains what I am trying to do

Thanks for your help

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You don't really need to change anything in the library. It's just math, once you get the result, you can change the coordinate system to whatever you want in your code.


Hi samontab

Thanks for your reply. I have been looking into the SDK and found that there is a function SetInitialPose which I believe will achieve changing the camera orientation. However, I am not sure how to incorporate this into the source code for Scene Perception from the SDK. I have searched the source code for a place to set the initial pose but am unsure where the function should be called.

I am relatively new to programming and want to make this simple modification to the SDK source code. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated.