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Downloading a Previously-Licensed Product

I've had active licenses for the "Intel Parallel Studio XE Professional Edition for Fortran Windows" software for several years. My most recent license expired February 2017. Recently my computer's hard drive crashed, had to be reformatted, and I am in the process of re-installing all my old software.

When I log into my account on Intel's website to download an older version of the Parallel Studio software, everything is listed as "no access unless renewed" -- even versions that were released prior to my support expiration date.

If I go separately to the "Intel Registration Center" and enter my old product serial numbers, I receive the message: "Serial number is invalid".

I've tried following the instructions in the FAQ for installing older versions (, but I do not see an "expired products " toggle in the header section of the Intel Registration Center page.

How do I obtain an older version of this software (that was released under my licenses' support end date)?

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After contacting Intel support, they found that my previous expired licenses had been "retired," which apparently was the cause of the "Serial number is invalid" message.

Intel support has since un-retired my expired licenses, and I now have access to older version of the software via the Intel Registration Center page. (Any versions past the expiration date of course are listed as "No access unless renewed.")

Intel support is currently looking into why my licenses had been placed in the retired status, because they should not have been.