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Erro na publicação do App não aceitando imagem PNG 32-bit color


Não consigo carregar as imagens de ícones para o App mobile pelo Intel XDK.
As imagens requeridas são 114x114px e 512x512px do tipo PNG (32-bit color) ou JPG mas, o Intel XDK não aceita a imagem mesmo tendo sido criada com as especificações requeridas e com Alfa (para PNG).

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Guilherme's messaged translated by Google:

"I can not load the icon images for App mobile by Intel XDK. The required images are 114x114px and 512x512px of type PNG (32-bit color) or JPG but, Intel XDK does not accept the image even though it was created with the required specifications and with Alpha (for PNG)."

Is the image in the "package-assets" folder inside your project's main folder, and the size is exactly 114x114 or 512x512 and the type is png? What error message do you get?

I searched for a sample image online and used this one to test and it works:

Can you try with the same to test if it works?


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