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Error on ssh connection: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT

Hi All,

I am facing Error on ssh connection: Error: connect ETIMEDOUT.​

When I was using my intel Edison on windows7, I guess everything was running fine.


When I moved to windows10 and installed xdk_web_win_master_3759 on it, it actually started flashing this error while connecting to edison.

It was not able to detect Edison automatically and manual process is also not working, though I am able to get it connected serially.​

I already tried installing Bonjour print services, but all goes in vain.


It would be great if someone from Intel or on this forum help me out in moving ahead, I am clueless and feeling helpless for this error and its really frustrating.

I would suggest intel to use better connection technologies and automated processes and should ship all of them in one zip.







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vikas -- how are you trying to connect to your Edison? Using the wifi or the USB? You said you can connect to it over serial, which implies you can get a serial over USB connection, is that correct? Do you see the Edison in the pull-down list when you "scan" for devices?


Hi Paul,

Thanks for your response.

Yes, I can login to Edison over serial FTDI port, and able to configure password and WiFi configurations.

I am able to get response for 'ping' while working in the serial tab of XDK

What I am not able to do is mentioned below.

1) I can't see Edison in the drop down list of scanned IoT device.

2) I tried manual connections with Edison but that is also not working

   '' and '', with port:58888, and username 'root' followed by password.

3) My laptop Mozilla/Chrome/IE - browser is not able to discover 'htttp://' 

Does bonjour print service work well with windows 10 ?

Does this issue has anything related to the specific USB ports of laptop to which Edison should be connected ?





  • The address is only used over USB, and requires that your local network is NOT using that IP address range (which appears to be the case since you indicated as another address).
  • Have you checked the references in this FAQ? > <
  • Have you checked this FAQ? >!_message_o... <
  • Can you ping the Edison board from the Windows command prompt? E.g., "ping"?
  • Are you sure the address of your Edison is How did you determine that address? Is that what you see when you perform an ifconfig on the Edison command prompt (over the serial USB connection)? Is your laptop's IP address also 192.168.1.###?
  • Your browser is not likely to see the Edison since it will not serve up a web page, unless you've created an app that does so, and that app is running on your Edison.
  • Attempting an ssh connection to the Edison does not require Bonjour, only the autoscan feature requires that.
  • Are you sure your laptop and the Edison are on the same subnet? The Bonjour feature will only work when both are on the same subnet.
  • Regarding your subnet, some routers are configured to "isolate" wifi devices so that even if they are on the same network they cannot see each other. Double-check to be sure this is not the case with your network. This feature has a variety of names but is usually called "wireless isolation mode" or "AP isolation" or "client isolation" or "guest mode." For example, if the Edison is attached to a "guest network" on the wifi, it will not see any other devices, and those other devices cannot see it, because the router limits that wifi client to only being able to get to the Internet, but not to any other devices on the local network.