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FAQs and how to post questions to the Intel System Bring-Up Toolkit forum


Get answers to your toolkit installation, configuration, and getting-started questions.  Please first browse our self-help FAQs for your issue.  If your problem persists, please posts your question to the appropriate forum.

To learn more about the Intel® oneAPI AI Analytics Toolkit, please visit the Toolkit Product Page  and review the complete  Documentation.

Tools Included in this Toolkit

Use the specific product forum for detailed questions and issues.

For Intel® SoC Watch, ask your questions here.

To report an issue, please provide the following details about the issue so we can replicate it:

  • Host OS info and version
  • Host System Hardware
  • Target OS info and version (If Host is different than target)
  • Target System Hardware (If Host is different than target)
  • Probe being used (in case of XDB)
  • Component name and version
  • Toolkit package full name with version
  • Screenshots of error information and any logs if possible
  • Steps to Reproduce
  • For regressions: provide the working Toolkit/component version

Do not include private information such as your email address in your posts. If you need to share private information with an Intel employee, they can start a private thread for you.

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