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Face recognition in Intel Real Sense from SQL server DB



I have a sample application which is used to recognize person. The application overview is like below.

There is a window which has a scan button. On clicking the scan button, live detection will be shown. It will check whether the user is registered in SQL database. If not store button click will store the name and face data in to the database.

Here the problems are

1) While inserting the face data bytes in to a buffer, i do not have any other unique data other than face data. Hence if say i use this application (windows) from different different machines connected to a same database, how will I be able to have a uniqueness which will recognize my face from different machines. 

2) While querying (for recognition), I am getting each face data in a buffer, set using recognitionConfig.SetDatabaseBuffer(buffer) and checks whether the face is recognized and if not next face data is retrieved into buffer and set to SetDatabaseBuffer.  In this way it is not at ll recognizing correctly. I will attach my sample here. Can anyone please help me resolving it. I am stuck with my project here :( 

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