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FaceModule & HandModule


From demo

Code Sample: Facial Recognition Using Intel® RealSense™ SDK




I try to add more cool features to this demo and working toward 2016 R1 SDK


/Enable The hand modules
            //PXCMHandModule handAnalysis;
            //PXCMHandCursorModule handCursorAnalysis;
            //PXCMHandConfiguration handConfiguration = null;
            //PXCMHandData handData = null;
            //PXCMCursorConfiguration cursorConfiguration = null;
            //PXCMCursorData cursorData = null;
            //handAnalysis =senseManager.QueryHand();


Those arent working neither

The goal are try to add more gesture to perform some interaction

For the face part,I try to run it all day, sometime it just return 


Then I re-register my face again and again

Is there way by config those and they can run together?







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From the code snippet above it looks like you might be trying to combine cursor mode with full hand tracking. Please note that in the 2016 R1 release (v8), you cannot use cursor mode while using full hand tracking mode, as stated here:

However, if you just want to add gestures or other hand detection/tracking features to the FaceID sample, I could send you an example of how to do it. Please explain a little more what you're trying to do (i.e., what gesture, hand tracking, etc. you'd like to use) and I'll try to put something together for you.



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Great Bryan,

It is a front end login program for sign in and sign out

Here is the requirement:

1. Face Detected check with Register FaceID -> Allow Sign in & Sign out
2. DB record with Sign in Time & ID 
3. V sign for Sign in as events
        and Wave for Sign out as events

It would run all day long

Thanks alot




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Hi Victor,

I modified the sample code to capture gestures and display the last gesture on the UI. In my code mod I am enabling all gestures, but you will want to modify this to only use the gestures your app needs (which I assume are V-sign and Wave). This will increase the reliability of gesture recognition.

The facial recognition features, as originally implemented in the sample code, should work OK. I did not attempt to add any other logic required by your application. I put this together rather quickly, so you'll want to refactor the code to suit your needs.

The attached pdf shows the xaml and source code modifications highlighted in yellow. I hope this help. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Best, Bryan

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Great work, 

All feature seems working, Probably the next step would increase the chance of reconginze rate.

YES, I try all the different distance between the cam and the person and different person on different size

Seems that the problem are in the person doing all the gesture arent good enough for computer rather than in the code.

Which we cannt help

Here is the last question I have in mind,

Is there any best practice for building the face database?







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