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Fatal Error 2

Hi, I hope someone can help me resolve the problem I've described below.

I wrote a Fortran program to solve a minimization problem by using an IMSL subroutine, DNCONG (double precision).

To link to IMSL, I have "USE numerical_libraries" in the program. I got no compiling errors or warning when clicking on "Rebuild". The link to IMSL is also correctly set up. In fact, I am not a first-time user of IMSL subroutines. I did successfully use some IMSL subroutines to solve numerical problems with Visual Fortran.

However, this time when I ran the program, I got the error message saying "Fatal ERROR 2 from DNCONG"

DNCONG is an IMSL subroutine, double precision

Can some one tell me what the messege means? Please tell me the clues for a solution. Thank you very much.

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I'm not really familiar with use of IMSL, but looking at the IMSL documentation for DNCONG, I see that it shows that a "Fatal ERROR 2" means "line search took more than 5 function calls", whatever THAT means!

Perhaps others here will be familiar with it, but if you want technical support for IMSL, you have to buy support from Visual Numerics, creators of the IMSL library.

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