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Let me start by thanking you for trying out all three products in the Suite. We really appreciate you taking the time to do so and regret that you did not have a smoother experience.

Regarding the speed of the site, if you could let us know your location of access, we will contact our web team with your feedback.

For item #1, it looks like you were able to figure out the issue (the /EHa switch). Once you removed the /EHa switch, did your performance improve?

For #2, my colleagure MrAnderson has, I believe, responded with the details on how to examine the call stack. Hopefully, this can address your needs. As he mentioned, VTune Amplifier XE is heavily used within Intel for industrial strength performance analysis, and we are constantly working to improve both the functionality and the usability of the tool. Several users have commented that this version is much easier to use than the previous one, but we look forward to improving it even more.

For item #3, the feature requested (attach/detach to a running process) is not currently in the product, but we are looking into ways of providing information on a time slice of a process. In the meantime, as mentioned in one of the responses to the article, you can use module include/exclude to monitor a subset of your code.