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Fortran Named User License on Server with Team NIC's

Our environment is setup using NIC teaming with the servers having 2 Ethernet NIC cards for redundancy.  When I issue the getmac /v,  I get back three MAC addresses,  1 address for the First Nic, 1 address for the Second NIC, and the Teaming NIC Address which will be the same as one of the addresses associated with one of the NIC's.   Can a license file be generated  that will have the HOST id for each MAC addresses of the NIC's?  If not, what is Intel's solution for the use of license files for the configuration I noted above?

Here is what I have done thus far on my end.  I activated two HOST ID' for my serial number and generated two license files.  One for each MAC address/Host ID.    I placed both license files on the server and the compiler is working.  If I remove the license file that has a HOST ID associated with the TEAM Mac address, I receive an error that a valid license file does not exist.   Therefore, I am assuming that the compiler only looks at the Host ID for the Team and checks for a license file with that HOST ID.  It never looks at the MAC Address of the other NIC to determine if a license file exists with that HOST ID.  Is that correct?

Please provide Intel's solution for licensing as it relates to an environment using Multiple Ethernet NIC cards and Teaming.


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Hi Don,

Please send me the SN of the license file and the mac addresses via private message (use Send Author a Message link) I will assist you via private message.


Devorah id you get my private message?  I sent it this morning.