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Git tools does not show up



In my XDK installations (2 different Ubuntu's) there are problems to bring up Git tools. The shortcut is not always working.

In such a case I need to close XDK (with a crash report) and start it up again - on fresh it works fine - and push the commit then.

Anyone experiencing the same?

If yes, Intel please consider setting some other access to Git extension panel and obviously fix the issue.




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Henry, the only other time I heard of such an issue was due to a conflict/problem with some git init files. In the case of Linux we have to rely on the git tool that you installed on your system, due to the wide variety of Linux platforms we are unable to include git for Linux as part of the XDK. We have seen a few situations where the version of git installed on the Linux box was either very old or the .gitconfig files had strange settings that were causing troubles. I recommend trying the following:

  • updating your copy of git
  • temporarily rename any and all gitconfig files on your system
  • temporarily disable any environment variables that might change the default git behavior

Then, of course, make sure git is in the path and see if that makes any difference.

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This might be related to this problem. I am on XDK 3491 Windows 10 and Ubuntu 16.4. I noticed that if you click on the Brackets Git Manager icons nothing happens until you have opened a source file on the editor. After the initial open, the Git tools work without an open source file on the editor.

This is annoying if you want to do a Git Pull when opening your project to get the latest copy of the source and it doesn't work until you open a source file. 

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