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Help with third party plugins

Hello , 
I need my mobile to scan some wifi Access points and feedback me with the signal strengths of each one base on MAC address.
i saw tutorials of adding third part plugins and some of core plugins functions tutorials :

but i don't know how to write a program with my needed specs in intel.html like what happened in previous tutorials 
here are some of plugins that i found but i don't know how to use them or in which language should be written or how to get the reference of writting commands ?

Thanks in advance 

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Amr -- take a look at the "hello cordova" sample app to see how it is accessing plugin APIs. All Cordova plugins publish a JavaScript API, which should be documented on that plugin's git repo (or pointed to by the repo). The hello cordova app is using some of the "core" Cordova plugins, but all Cordova plugins use similar techniques.

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