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How to determine the motherboard compatibility of Xeon Phi


1, From this webpage(, I learn that the support list of motherboard is:


MW50:  1x LGA 2011-3,  4x PCIe (x16x16x8x4)
MW70:  2x LGA 2011-3,  5x PCIe (x16x16x16x8x4), 3 way x16
MU70:  1x LGA 2011-3,  4x PCIe (x16x16x8x2)


Motherboards with LGA 2011-3:
Z10PA-D8: 2 x LGA 2011-3,  7x PCIe (x16x16)
Z10PE-D16 WS:  2x LGA 2011-3,  x PCIe (x16x16), 4 way x16
Z10PE-D8 WS:  x LGA 2011-3,  x PCIe (x16x16), 4 way x16

Motherboards with LGA 2011:
Z9PE-D8 WS:  2x LGA 2011-3,  7x PCIe (x16x8x16x8x16x8x16)
Z9PE-D16-10G:  2x LGA 2011-3,  5x PCIe (x2x16x8x16x16)
P9X79 WS:  x LGA 2011-3, 7x PCIe (x16x8x16x8x16x8x16)
P9X79-E WS:  x LGA 2011-3, 7x PCIe (x16x8x16x8x16x8x16), 4 way x16

Someone says that Xeon Phi works on Z9PE-D16/2L( My motherboard is Z9PE-D16C/2L, which is very similar to Z9PE-D16/2L. So I am trying to make it work for Xeon Phi. 

2, From this article(, I learn that LBAR feature, cooling and powering are the three most important aspects of hardware support. 

I have enabled the "PCI 64bit Resource Handling/Above 4G Decoding" in BIOS.

I have installed a very powerful turbofan for my 31S1p, and the temperature of heat sink is no more than 30 degree.

I have connected two +12v power lines from a 800W ATX power.

3, From these two manuals(Intel_MPSS_Debugging_Linux_MPSS3.pdf and Intel_MPSS_Debugging_Microsoft_Windows.pdf), I learned that I should at least get a unknown device in Device Manager at Windows or listed 'Intel device' under lspci at Linux. I have tried Windows 10 and RHEL 6.4, and most of the time, the OS(Windows or Linux) detects nothing and the blue led on 31S1p always blinks very fast. The very only time, the 31S1p get detected under RHEL 6.4, at PCIE4 slot, at BIOS version 5105, but I didn't install MPSS to check the card info. 

Judging from the information above, is it still an incompatible issue between 31S1p and Z9PE-D16C/2L, or is there maybe something wrong of my 31S1p? Is there a way to check whether the 31S1p is fully functional?

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