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How to integrate Intel XDK iOS app with Firebase Indexing


I want to integrate my Intel SDK iOS app Firebase Indexing. I've connected my Android projects to Firebase without any problem, but on my iOS app I've get stucked.

Following instructions in Firebase guide I'm doing the following steps:

1. Support universal links. I'm following instructions from here and I get errors: 

  • ERROR ITMS-90163: "Invalid Code Signing Entitlements. The entitlements in your app bundle signature do not match the ones that are contained in the provisioning profile. The bundle contains a key that is not included in the provisioning profile: 'aps-environment' in 'Payload/Flying Patterns'."
  •  ERROR ITMS-90179: "Invalid Code Signing. The executable 'Payload/Flying Patterns' must be signed with the certificate that is contained in the provisioning profile."

2. Then I have to add the App Indexing SDK. I didn't find the corresponding plugin for Cordova, how can I add the App indexing SDK?

3. "Check your implementation" - should the app be indexed right after I add the SDK and run the app first time? Or after my app will appear on the App Store?

I'll be very grateful for the help.



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About "Invalid Code Signing.": I've created new certificate to resign my app on my Mac computer, but I've build my game with other certificate on the Intel XDK server - so I can't resign my app and then I cant update my Entitlements.plist. So how can I implement the Universal Links with Intel XDK? It should be some way.


Olga -- regarding the certificate resigning issue, I think the simpler solution would be to push the certificates you are using for resigning to the XDK and build with that and the matching mobile provisioning file. You don't have to use the certificates you created with the XDK, you can use any valid certificates and push them into the XDK for use. The XDK will manage more than one set of certificates for you.