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How to renew expired license for student version?

Hello everybody,

I am sorry if this question has already been posted. But I did not find a matching thread. Please refer me to the fitting thread in case this question has already been posted.

I have an Intel Parallel Studio XE 2016 Version (I think Update 3). Recently my STUDENT license expired. I generated a new license and put the license file into "/Users/Shared/Library/Application Support/Intel/Licenses" (I have a Mac with OSX 10.11). Furthermore I changed the owner and group of the license file to "root" and "wheel". But I still get the error message:

Error: A license for (Comp-FM) could not be found.

The old and new license file differ in their content. The new file contains for example 


whereas the old license file contained


Is their a way to get a working new license for my 2016 XE Version? I would really prefer to stick to my old installation than to install it again from scratch, as I had to do some tweaking before the Fortran compiler worked properly on my machine.

Thank you!

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