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How to set the eviction hint (EH) with Intel intrinsics or inline assembler?


According to

all memory operands in this ISA have an optional attribute called the eviction hint (EH hint) to indicate that the data is non-temporal.

Is it possible to set this hint for ordinary vector load operations? Intel intrinsics seem to support this hint only for some functions (e.g. _mm512_extload_epi64), but not for ordinary loads such as _mm512_load_epi64. If it is not possible with intrinsics, how do I encode EH hint into inline assembler using the vmovdqa64 instruction? It's a part of the MVEX instruction prefix, but I haven't found any help how to use this prefix in inline assembly code.


I found out that I could use _mm512_extload_epi64(ptr, _MM_UPCONV_EPI64_NONE, _MM_BROADCAST64_NONE, _MM_HINT_NT). However, will this generate the vmovdqa64 instruction or vbroadcast...?

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