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I need to build an application with reports (like crystal reports or Reporting Services) and be able to print through airprint

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Hi everyone,

I need some help in here... I need to create an application for iOS, and I was searching some way to create some reports just like Crystal Reports or Reporting Services, but no success...

I would like to know if there is any report plugin or some HTML5 + javascript code template that I could create a template and fill that with webservices / local DB data.

I also would like to be able to print it through airprint!

Any help will be appreciate!


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Any one ? 

I still thinking about the report how to build it and print...

I found this plugin:  (cordova-plugin-printer) but looks like it supports  print only text and HTML.

I was thinking to print a report even in HTML, so I tried to print the whole HTML screen page and the result was a disaster... almost of the components was not printed such as grid and image...

So I still trying...



If I correctly understood your question you need to write server component code to generate report.

And for Airprinting you can use below mentioned plugins:

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Hello Amrita, let me explain better: I need a way to be able to generate the report locally!

For example: With a template of crystal reports I could have the template locally in the mobile device and fill through Webservice data or local DB if I don't have Internet connection !

I give the example of the Crystal Reports because you can create easily a template with CR tool. But looks like there is no compatibility of it with mobile (iOS) and I'm looking for something like that to make easy the maintenance of the reports!

About to print, I have some problems as I mentioned on my last post that those plugins only supports text or HTML format.

For HTML, if you use any component on your page, it may cannot be printed !