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Incomplete task type



I am getting the error of incomplete task type. Am i doing something wrong and why?


PXCSenseManager *psm = 0;
psm = PXCSenseManager::CreateInstance();


        PXCCaptureManager *cm = psm->QueryCaptureManager();
        PXCCapture::Device *device = cm->QueryDevice();
        // color and depth image size.
        PXCImage::ImageInfo dinfo = depth_image->QueryInfo();
        PXCImage::ImageInfo cinfo = color_image->QueryInfo();

        // Calculate the UV map.
        PXCPointF32 *uvmap = new PXCPointF32[dinfo.width*dinfo.height];
        //projection->QueryUVMap(depth_image, uvmap);

        PXCProjection *projection = device->CreateProjection();
        projection->QueryUVMap(depth, uvmap);                                <<<-------------error happens here




Below is what the document suggests doing. 


Example 40 shows how to map depth to color coordinates using the UV map.

Example 40: Map Depth to Color Coordinates using UV Mapping




// Create the PXCProjection instance.
PXCProjection *projection=device->CreateProjection();


// color and depth image size.
PXCImage::ImageInfo dinfo=depth->QueryInfo();
PXCImage::ImageInfo cinfo=color->QueryInfo();
// Calculate the UV map.
PXCPointF32 *uvmap=new PXCPointF32[dinfo.width*dinfo.height];
projection->QueryUVMap(depth, uvmap);
// Translate depth points uv[] to color ij[]
for (int i=0;i<npoints;i++) {


// Clean up
delete[] uvmap;


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