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Index of Marty G's RealSense Unity How-To Guides

Hi everyone,

Over the last couple of years I have created a series of step by step How To guides for RealSense in the Unity game engine.  The RealSense forum has grown so large though that they had become virtually impossible to find without knowing the exact search keywords.  I have therefore compiled an index of every guide I have ever published on this forum, arranged alphabetically.

Building A RealSense Powered Slider-Based Script Trigger


Controlling Avatar Arms And Legs With A Single RealSense Camera


Controlling Multiple Objects With One TrackingAction


Creating A Color-Changing Sky For A Day-Night Cycle


Creating a RealSense-Powered Menu In Unity


Creating A Virtuous Circle Of Lag Reduction With RealSense and C#


Creating A World Controller For Your RealSense Application


Creating Better Avatar Shoulder Jointing in RealSense


Creating Realistic Lower Arm Movement with RealSense


Easier Facial control of Onscreen Objects With RealSense


Easier Two-Handed Control With RealSense


Enhancing Your RealSense Project's Graphics Further In Unity 5


Giving Camera-Driven Objects Physical Collision


Improving Two-Handed RealSense Control Via Action Script Editing


Incorporating Mis-Rotation Into Your Project


Knowing When To Use The RealSense TrackingAction's Real World Box Center


Limiting The Rotation of TrackingAction-Powered Spherical Joints


Minimizing Wrist Mis-Rotation Through TrackingAction Editing


Moving Interactive Cloth With A RealSense TrackingAction Script (Pre-Unity 5)


Multiplying Object Movement With TrackingAction Editing


Preventing RealSense Head Turning From Rotating Objects


RealSense And the Impact Of Multiple Live Game Cameras


Reducing Bounce On RealSense-Controlled Objects With Physic Material


Reducing Joint Lock-Up Through TrackingAction Editing


Reducing Rigidbodies In RealSense Projects In Unity 5


Resetting RealSense-Powered Object Positions After Hand Tracking Loss


Resolving "Gimbal Lock" Rotation Problems


Running A RealSense Project With Traditional Controls Without An Attached Camera


Simulating Flesh Sensitivity With RealSense and the Collision.Impulse Command


Switching RealSense Action Scripts On And Off With Scripting


Switching RealSense TrackingAction Constraints And Inverts On And Off In Scripting


Tip For Spherical Rotation Joints


Understanding Rotational "Snapping" With TrackingAction


Using SketchUp 3D Models Effectively With RealSense And Unity


Using The RealSense Camera With The Palm Towards The Chest


Using The RealSense 'Continuous' Option Correctly


Using Two TrackingAction Scripts In One Object


When To Fine-Tune Your RealSense Controls

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New Contributor II

Thanks for sharing such an amazing set of resources Marty. Hope one of the moderators pin this, so that it is always stays on the first page and is easily accessible.