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Intel Fortran Compiler for 32-bit Windows 7 machine

I am searching for an Intel Fortran Compiler for a 32-bit Windows 7 Professional machine. I had an Intel Fortran Compiler license 6 years ago and know that an Intel Fortran Compiler exists for this machine, but is no longer available on the web. I need help to find this software.  

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We still sell the Fortran compiler for Windows and it still supports 32 bits; it's part of Parallel Studio XE. Cluster Edition contains both C++ and Fortran. Profession and Composer Edition have different variants you can buy that have only C++, only Fortran, or both. They all have operating system variants. There's a table at the bottom of this page that shows the differences between the editions. If you want to just get the Fortran Compiler with minimal other accessories you could go for the bare-bones option of Parallel Studio Composer Edition for Fortran Windows.

When you purchase one of our software products, you automatically gain access to previous versions of it, as well - so if you buy the compiler and the latest version doesn't work on Windows 7, you can always just download and install an earlier version.

I hope this helps.

- Alex


As Dean has submitted a ticket on this same question to the Online Service Center, and I will be dealing with it there, I will now close this forum thread.

If you have a similar question please create a new topic to ensure we can get to you in a timely and efficient fashion.