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Intel MKL - License question


I work in a smaller company that sells machines that (among other things) also do some signal processing. We want to use Intel Math Kernel library because it contains fast Fourier Transform algorithms. 

I have two questions

1. I carefully read all the documents and the End User License Agreement and If I understand everything correctly, we can use Intel Math Kernel library for free as long as every developer obtains his own license and as long we act in accordance with Named User license described by EULA. Is that true?

2. The functionality of our software greatly differs from the overall Intel MKL functionality. The software only runs on the machines we make and sell. Those machines perform some mechanical operations and they process signals from various sensors and camera. Therefore, if I understand the license agreement correctly, we may freely redistribute the Intel MKL library DLLs together with our software? 


As I said, I read the documents but I would like to hear confirmation from someone anyway. I am just slightly confused because the free license is called Community license - and this term is usually used as the opposite of "commercial license". Well, the rest of the website & EULA have almost convinced me that the community license can be used by companies as well, but I would still be happy if you could confirm this.  


I would like to thank in advance for your reply. Yours sincerely,



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The Community Libraries License states: The free Intel® Performance Libraries are provided with a Named-User License per Intel’s standard end user licensing agreement .

As such the usage is the same as a Name-user license under the EULA. Thus your use case should be supported under the EULA. You may freely redistribute the Intel MKL library DLLs together with your software.

The confusion may stem from our Free Software Tools program. That program enables Students, Educators, Academic Researchers and Open Source Contributors to get free tools. Those free tools fall under the non-commercial category and cannot be redistributed. However, the libraries, such as MKL, fall under our community license which is the same use model as a named user license. 

Hope this answers your question.



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