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Is the Firmware Engine used with Intel c/c++ Compiler?



Hello, i'm I'm having difficulty understanding how to create bare metal firmware for ia-32 architecture. Would the Intel C Compiler do this? I don't want to create win32 exe apps, I would like to create raw binary images that can be run during the boot up process on a DVD perhaps. Where is the hardware library for Intel Atom D410PT? And how do we include that library into code that is written in something like Notepad? I will be compiling by command line. My goal is to create a bare metal binary firmware application, but I need access to all hardware locations, inside and outside of the CPU. I have asked for technical support with Parallel studio, but customer service keeps saying my request is out of their scope. I can't believe they treat me that way after I paid for my license. So, how can I create a bare metal binary that would run as a bootable image with the Intel C Compiler writing code in Notepad that compiles in the command prompt? Thanks for your help.

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If you want to develop bare-metal UEFI applications, I recommend the EDK II project at The AppPkg folder has examples for UEFI Shell application development. ;

Most developers use GCC 5.x or Microsoft VS2013/2015, but the Intel C compiler has been a supported build environment in EDK II.

Intel Firmware Engine has an SDK, but it is for developing firmware components and not the stand-alone UEFI applications. The Intel Firmware Engine SDK is currently designed for use with Microsoft Visual Studio.