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Licensing and Frameworks


I'd like to know how the licensing works with uploading completed applications to the app stores, will it always be free? Or will there ever be any charge involved with using XDK? Now or planned for the near future.

Also on a side note, XDK marks a few frameworks that you can use, Framework7, Ionic v1 and App Framework v3, but they're to be removed in the future, does that mean Bootstrap will be the sole focus, if so, is there support being put into place for Bootstrap 4?

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Stuart -- we charge no fees for using the XDK or it's build services and we charge no royalties for deploying your app to a store. Our goal with the XDK has been to encourage cross-platform application development. I cannot comment on future directions or plans for the XDK or other Intel products in public venues, it is against company policy.

At this time, the only focus for App Designer is the Bootstrap framework. Again, I cannot comment on future plans in a public venue. Such information is reserved for NDA discussions, only.

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