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Looking for workaround to have HAXM working on Mac VMs



I came across some bunch of discussions on this but couldn't find exact solution for my particular problem , so thought of having yet another thread on this (advanced apologies).

We have a MAC server on which we are using VmWare OS and on top of which we have created some MaC VMs. We are not able to run emulator on this machine because it gives an error that HAXM is required. On trying to install HAXM , it gives another error that machine doenst meet requirements.

As I understand, we can not install HAXM on VM but it has to be installed on the actual machine. Any suggestions on how can we install HAXM on this setup?

I installed MacCPUID on these VMs and output is attached.



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This is interesting.  According to, your system should support HAXM:

I wrote this blog for troubleshooting HAXM issues a while ago:

If you VMware uses VT, you will not be able to install HAXM:

  • Make sure "Hyper-V", a Windows feature, is not installed/enabled on your system. Hyper-V captures the VT virtualization capability of the CPU, and HAXM and Hyper-V cannot run at the same time. Read this blog: Creating a "no hypervisor" boot entry.
  • Do you have anything else running on your system that uses VT? (Like VirtualBox?) Same issue as with Hyper-V.

Does this help?


HAXM requires direct access to hardware virtualization (Intel VT), which is not accessible from inside a VM. You will need to install HAXM directly on the system, and not inside a VM.

One solution is to have HAXM installed on system directly, and create as many android emulator instances on top as required, and access these from VMs via TCP/IP.