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MPSS 3.7 is available


Please note that MPSS 3.7 is available for use and can be downloaded at

  • Add Windows 10 Support for KNC MPSS stack
  • Remove COI_BUFFER_PINNED buffer type
  • Remove _Dynamic authorization method
  • Provide binary hardening for mpss components.
  • Drop older OFEDs support:, MLNX-2.1, MLNX-2.2, MLNX-2.3, 3.5-2-MIC
  • Provide a mechanism to allow non-root user to perform micctrl state and selected configuration tasks.
  • Separate hStreams from MPSS package
  • Limit -p option in micperf to change parameters for a single kernel.
  • Drop MPSS support for SLES11 SP3 - targeting 3.7 release
  • Drop MPSS support for RHEL 6.5 - targeting 3.7 release
  • Provide alternative OpenSSH package built without OpenSSL support.
  • Supported versions of Visual Studio, gcc/binutils should be identified and documented

For more details, all the prominent features of MPSS 3.7 are described in this page

Starting from version 3.7, the Hetero Streams Library (hStreams) is removed from MPSS package. hStreams binaries now can be downloaded from:

hStreams source code can be downloaded from 

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