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MPSS 3.8.6 and MPSS 3.8.5 modules for CentOS 7.7

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Hi all,

I've created an RPM and SRPM of the mpss 3.8.6 and  mpss 3.8.5 mpss-modules files to allow you to use your KNC Xeon Phi's on CentOS 7.7. The resulting files can be found here:

or simply install the RPM using

rpm -ivh


rpm -ivh

This works fine on my CentOS 7.7 box, but of course, use at your own risk and rattle your local Intel rep for an official update.

share and enjoy,


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Ok so this is not totally inline with your post, but I have been trying my very noob best to get one of the Xeon Phi CoProcessor to work on my 2010 Mac Pro dual quad Xeon E5520 running CentOS7. I have installed all the packages and such and have tried every which way, and I cant seem to get the system to recognize it with lspci -vv commad (or any ive tried). I know that technically this isn't supposed to work but its the only hardware I have, so I figure why not dig in and see if the impossible is able to be made possible???  Well so far it seems out of reach. I wonder if though if there is a system compatibility check on the CoProcessor and or host machine, that lists the current host as compatible. Any ideas??